Social events

Welcome reception (Monday, 7 pm)

On Monday 25th, after the end of the papers session, we are going to have a welcome reception.

It will start at 7 pm and will happen in the Computer Science Department (DCC) opened area, located in the ICEx (Instituto de Ciências Exatas) building. 

To get there, when leaving the Escola de Engenharia building, you need to walk left, cross the road in front of the bus stop and enter the ICEx building (please use your badge/crachá to access the building). When within the building, take the stairs on the left to the second floor (or the elevator just in front of the entrance). When you arrive on the second floor, look right and follow the blue signs for DCC and you will be there quickly.  Our volunteers will be at the Engineering School to guide you there.

DCC Building

ICEx entrance

Conference dinner (Wednesday, 7.30 pm)

On Wednesday 27th we will have the conference dinner at the Paladino Restaurant. Paladino is a traditional restaurant of "comida mineira".   

Buses will leave from the Escola de Engenharia at 7 pm to the restaurant and will return at 11 pm and 11.30 pm.

For those who have paid full registration fees for BRACIS/ENIAC/STIL or STIL only, tickets are included in the price and will be given to you at registration.

For people who have paid for other types of registration, tickets can be bought at the registration desk for:

If you want to take a plus one with you who is not registered for the conference, we will charge you the full price: R$185,00.